Great for Driver Pockets - MaxxMacro 70 Heavy Duty Angled Adapter

This little tool allows you to set large electrode in specific angles while maintaining the rigidity required when heavy hydraulic forces of EDM are present. 

History of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a popular method used in modern manufacturing. It involves using a controlled electrical discharge to remove metal from a workpiece. This method has many ben...

Custom MaxxMacro Tooling Delivered during Covid-19

We can't always show the custom tooling we build, but this medical customer was kind enough to send us a nice bit of feedback and a photo.

Here's a rule for you to remember... If you don't do a DOE then you did not qualify the process.

Honestly in my 20+ years experience, and 1000’s of tryouts I have only seen twice a mold validation being performed to qualify the process. Most FDA regulated molders, the validation process is a requirement for RA, however in automotive and consumer goods.. it is rare... Why?