Hirschmann Stainless U30 Custom Holders

Maxx Tooling produced these stainless Hirschmann U30 custom holders as a replacement to the customers...
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Custom FCS® Compatible Self Centering Vise 4.725 Inch

Produced for Prestige Extreme Distribution's customer on short order during the Covid-19 pandemic.  ...
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New Custom Lang Compatible Vice 4.725 Inch Capacity

One of Maxx Tooling's long time customers asked if we could configure our self...
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We make custom Erowa compatible UPC Pallets !

 Maxx Tooling can produce your High Quality UPC pallet , customized to suit your...
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Custom System 3R Chucks for Tombstone Locating Project

Custom Macro Chucks with precision mandrel allowing user install and remove from tombstone application...
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Erowa Custom WEDM Guide Holders

Erowa custom holders, developed for customer specific applications in the aerospace turbine industry.
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