Maxx Tooling

Maxx Tooling a Global Leader in Performance Holding Systems

Maxx Tooling was created as a necessary means to compete in the global tooling market. Maxx was built on the four fundamentals of RELIABILITY QUALITY REPEATABILITY & COST We consistently deliver HIGH Quality Custom EDM Tooling at a Fraction of the Cost!

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Global Manufacturing & Distribution

Those core processes remain very important but we believe it is increasingly helpful to see manufacturing as the whole value chain system, from understanding the market, to research and design, production, distribution and service. This approach can identify which parts of the value chain might be the most appropriate, or feasible, for particular countries, and has implications for how you manage a manufacturing business, and indeed, policies towards key industrial sectors. Maxx Tooling'g global presence allows us to service out customer needs, locally and cost effectively. Rest assured tooling is designed to meet your regions expectations

Engineered Solutions

Our U.S.-based Engineering team works closely with you to make sure your goals are front and center. Through careful listening and experience, we translate your expectations into clear specifications to execute the manufacturing process to your quality standards....By providing custom design and manufacturing solutions, our engineering team becomes an extension of yours. Working with a company providing both design and manufacturing service streamlines the transition from design to manufacturing. We can recommend design improvements, reduce manufacturing costs, enhance functionality and improve quality.

Cost Effective Development

Manufacturing Cost Deployment is a decision-support method proposed by Yamashina and Kubo [1]. Today, it is one of the pillars of the World Class Manufacturing program [6-8]. Its greatest advantage is that it helps assign costs to the root causes of losses in the manufacturing process and sorts the losses according to potential for improvement wins. Manufacturing Cost Deployment increases the legitimacy for projects that yield high investment payoff. Systematically selecting projects that eliminates the root problem—rather than the symptoms, can contribute to a sustained reduction of production costs.

Global Presence

Maxx Tooling products are available in over 100 countries. As a result, we have offices around the world to support our dealer and distributor network. We directly or indirectly employ more than 500 people around the world. Our employees have continued our tradition of ingenuity in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Poland and China.