Great for Driver Pockets - MaxxMacro 70 Heavy Duty Angled Adapter

This little tool allows you to set large electrode in specific angles while maintaining the rigidity required when heavy hydraulic forces of EDM are present. 

History of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a popular method used in modern manufacturing. It involves using a controlled electrical discharge to remove metal from a workpiece. This method has many ben...

Twin MaxxMagnum Chucks! Plus a matching 2 chuck pallet!

In this project our customer requested the ability to run twin MaxxMagnum chucks as individual chucks but with the ability to machine much larger or ganged up workpieces on a universal pallet. 

Mitsubishi Wire EDM MV-1200 Custom Chuck System

Custom designed chucking system for a Mitsubishi Wire EDM MV-1200 , built in hard angles allow the operator to machine 12 parts per cycle all presented on various angles. This presents the workpiec...

MaxxMacro HP Pallets with Stop Pin (Fool Proofing)

This variation of the MaxxMacro 54 HP Pallet 54MM With .250 Dowels include a stop pin installed and matched to our MaxxMacro 70 Pneumatic 6001030 Pneumatic Chuck with Stop pin.

MaxxMacro Premium Pallets. How do they look after 2800 cycles?

Test Cycled one Maxx Tooling 50mm holder 2,844 times capturing offset data every 6th tool change..In general any visual wear was very minimal and unmeasurable