MaxxMacro Premium Pallets. How do they look after 2800 cycles?

Test Cycled one Maxx Tooling 50mm holder 2,844 times capturing offset data every 6th tool change..In general any visual wear was very minimal and unmeasurable

Custom MaxxMacro 70 HP Heavy Duty Angled Adapter

This little tool allows you to set large electrode in specific angles while maintaining the rigidity required when heavy hydraulic forces of EDM are present. 

Custom MaxxMacro Tooling Delivered during Covid-19

We can't always show the custom tooling we build, but this medical customer was kind enough to send us a nice bit of feedback and a photo.

Custom FCS® Compatible Self Centering Vise 4.725 Inch

Produced for Prestige Extreme Distribution's customer on short order during the Covid-19 pandemic.     Produced with custom pattern combined with typical FCS mounting pattern, allowing customer to...

New Custom Lang Compatible Vice 4.725 Inch Capacity

One of Maxx Tooling's long time customers asked if we could configure our self centering vice to function in in current setup.   We produced our vice with stop button to function on customer Robod...

We make custom Erowa compatible UPC Pallets !

 Maxx Tooling can produce your High Quality UPC pallet , customized to suit your specific needs. Aluminum, centering segments and chucking spigots fitted, hard Z-support.    Delivery times and lit...